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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Should I make like one of those epic returns? hahahaha..no? thought of it though...

lets find out together eh?

1:15 AM

Thursday, December 21, 2006

*this is one of those times where you would say "WHAT THE HELL?!" *

The wonders of 3D animation that would humour us when we're totally random...thanks to this vid, I'm gonna look at the Undertaker in a whole different perspective.... he's not scary, he's into cabaret and stuff....creepy~

1:30 AM

Sunday, December 03, 2006

"They are amongst us"

So today (or rather yesterday), we were being abducted by Oval-headed aliens from Planet Ovlar.
They were trying to disguise themselves as average tourist, touring around the island...but we (or rather me) were too smart to fall for their disguise and their ulterior motive to take over the world...

bummer~..They spotted us.....

...and stunned us into the negative zone by using their Ovlar mind tricks...

While they were busy doing their mind tricks on other innocent Singaporeans....

We found ourselves in the Ovlaien's spaceship...

so, we tried contacting Earth using those highly sophisticated Ovlaien technology gadgets....

Later we found out..those were refrigerator magnets...major bummer I tell you...

But somehow, we ended up on the roof of the National Museum...

Okay...This has gotta be the single-est dumbest and lamest post that I've ever posted...

12:46 AM

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Recently, there has been a high demand of people wanting me to teach them a thing or two about guitars...bizzare...maybe I should start writing something like "Will teach to play the Guitar for food" on my forehead....at least there's something in return for me....and the ironic part is that, I can barely play the guitar.....(well you guys don't come complaining to me when you get boo-ed off the stage)....

Anyways, finally my headphone/microphone is finally here..hahaha...when I looked at myself in the mirror while wearing it, I realised that I looked like a...ermmm....can't think of the name at the moment...but yeah...I looked like that thing....Recently,I fell like a big huge boulder written Biochemical Science resting on my back...why?? because there's a test coming up this Wednesday and I'm absolutely clueless about that module... burden..burden...and more BURDEN....I feel like killing (or rather killed) those idiots who discovered the theory behind how our body function....bloody knickers, don't they have any better things to do back then??

Okay, let's not talk about school...I'm so freaking piss with the system....so during P.E.D today, I found a new game while Mr E was talking jiberish up front explaining about boilers to the class, I found a new game at Shockwave.com.....it's Capoeira Fighter...freaking awesome game...and it's freaking free...so why complain?? I love Capoeira....So I wanna wear all white to school tomorrow again, partly because I wanna look like those Capoeira-ist-er(?!?) and because I'm feeling peachy again....

I don't wanna talk about it, I'm just bloody peachy...but Jong (can I call you LingLing instead?? it makes you sound more girly) was nice enough by being all crazy and retard to make me smile in a spastic manner (don't ask)...ARRHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!TERM BREAK!! WHERE ARE THOU, TERM BREAK?!?!..... I need to sleep, the night is bothering me.....again~

12:23 AM

Friday, November 24, 2006

I just realised that I haven't been blogging for a while....I must have been really busy..what's up with that?? I'm busy? hahaha....Seriously, what did I do over the week?? the only things I remembered was chemistry, stick and ball model, vegetable juice, no school on wednesday and operation mentos and coke...oh yeah, Operation Mentos and Coke was the best man....I don't know what happened but that was the best..hahahaha.....

So I've just realised something else, I'm a sadistic bastard....really I am....EXPLOSIONS excites me...and yeah,Chemistry have never been this cool.... remember last semester I caused some minor explosion in the lab and made the whole lab smells like fart?? HAHAHA!!! how I wish I could do that again...hahaha...(Mindef, you know who to call if you're looking for a bomb expert) , and right about now I'm itching to play some music...band never satisfy me....COME ON!! LETS PLAY SOMETHING MORE UPBEAT....and the idea of forming a band seems to be hopeless....hahaha...couldn't find anyone who can really click and take things full-heartedly....but well, maybe I'm just not cut out for this things....Killnex was fun but we're all busy with our own things....Sunset Boulevard was fun but we had our artistic differences...and The We ate the Germanz didnt seem to launch at all, but we had a great time making music (literally yeah)....

The phrase "dont bite more than you can chew" or something that sounds like that, actually has some truth in it...hahhaha...nevermind about that..it's something HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL...go figure

10:16 PM

Friday, November 17, 2006

*They Influenced me into what I am today*

Anyways, it's Friday and I'm at home?? why is that?? I don't know why.....Tell me why??... ANYWAYS! school has been kinda boring actually but thank goodness I have my mates to keep the long boring week, well, tolerable....and fun...hahahaha...and since I was feeling kinda Peachy and Grouchy today, I decide to wear all white to school...People thought I was a secondary school kid, hence the reason why I'm writing about my day...(sec sch kids talk about their day usually)...

Being peachy makes me wanna wear white....Being Happy makes me wanna wear green...and Feeling normal, makes me wanna wear Black...currently, still kinda peachy...and I'm wearing all white right now...and I'm desperately in need for a new pair of drumstick...a white one... hahaha....okay anyways, me and my poly mates are planning to go on a roadtrip around the Johore region during the christmas break....It's gonna be FUN, FUN and FUN!!! at least there's something to look forward to after the common test....

Well, right now we're all taking a break from band practices....I kinda miss band pracs....especially having dinner with chris and affni, very the fun lah..hahaha..oh yeah, some other thing that I've just realise is that I've never mention about Sarah before...she is my FAVOURITE CLASSMATE...that was just something random...I'm freaking bored and I'm meeting the Gang later....I'm still peachy ,so, Poodles~!

9:52 PM

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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*You guys have No idea how I love this movie*

Sometimes I wonder how is it like to play for a big band....just like my dad during his active period as a trumpeteer....actually that was just a random thought, but I'm really interested in playing for a big band...anyone knows anyone who actually plays for a big band??? CONTACT ME!!

I just realised that I haven't had time for myself...you know we all need time for ourselves to do stuff like laying on the bed while staring at the ceiling & shooting spitballs at bugs, or reading a book with a corny title like "chicken soup for the retard soul", or simply do a self-reflection on oneself and crying because you've just realised that you're a total loser in the past and now you're out to destroy other people's life by making others feel bad....well for me,I like asking dumb questions while taking my evening walk around my neighbourhood...it is so RELAXING...

I'm just having one of my random thoughts lah, nothing personal...and to those mates of mine who are going through an emotional rollercoaster...try to sit down, relax,close your eyes, and find a happy place within you....then think of a group of cute little midget carrots dancing along to the tune "I WILL SURVIVE" ....

...Randomly Bored...

11:31 PM

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